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the remaining explosives in that times square vicinity. now, we do not know whether new york authorities believe that they have any reason to continue to worry about this. i mean, we're going to hear from them i presume at a press conference later, but it seems to me that this suspect changed his story from a first interrogation to a second interrogation. now, as you know, people treat with suspicion anything that is said in a hospital interrogation. but it seems that his story did shift dramatically. >> we are anticipating hearing comments from commissioner kelly, also mayor michael bloomberg of new york shortly. we'll obviously bring those to you live. so, again, the headline this is now apparently from a second interrogation in the suspect indicating they both had intended to go to new york to detonate whatever devices they had in times square, correct? >> whatever devices they had leftover. and, again, it's a story changed his mind. ray kelly the other day said he told them he intended to party there. >> right. we are also learning today based on another two sources that the suspect, dzhokha
that he and his brother decided after the boston bombings that they would go to new york city to party. however, a subsequent questioning of dzhokhar revealed that he and his brother decided spontaneously on times square as a target. they would drive to times square that same night. they discussed this while driving around in a mercedes suv that they had hijacked after they shot and killed an m.i.t. police officer in cambridge, dzhokhar said. that plan, however, fell apart when they realized that the vehicle that they hijacked was low on gas and ordered the driver to stop at a nearby gas station. the driver used the opportunity to escape and call the police. that eventually led to the shootout in watertown, where the older brother was killed in an exchange with gunfire with the police. up until that point, the two brothers had at their disposal six improvised explosive devices. one was a pressure cooker bomb, similar to the two that had exploded at the marathon. the other five were pipe bombs. we know that dzhokhar was photographed in times square with friends on or before april 18th o
is really just an episode of "the sopranos." the easiest place to start is the 2012 election in new york state. kind of a weird one in new york state. you know that the governor of new york state is a democrat and a very popular one. andrew cuomo. he was not on the ballot in 2012. he had been elected in 2010. election night 2010, everything else in the country went republican, but that race was blue by 30 points. then in 2012, andrew cuomo's not on the ballot. the only statewide races with were the presidential race, in which obama beat his opponent by 27 points. one of the biggest margins of any state in the country. the other statewide race, november 2012, was the senate seat held by kirsten gillibrand. beat her challenger by a 45-point margin. the political picture in new york state was overwhelmingly democratic. just solidly blue in terms of the 2012 election, but new york is a big state. a largely rural state and a more idea logical state that it sometimes gets credit for. one of the manifestations of new york's unheralded diversity is that even though the state is so blue it looked
that the bombers might have been hours away from a new york times square attack. anger, conspiracy theories. who is the family tsarnaev. why they insist their sons were framed. and we hear the suspect's elusive sister for the first time. and tonight, one survivor speaks out on the chaos after the bombing. >> i really think i can live my life in >>> geej. and thanks for. >> jimmy:ing pus .it sounds like a plot from a hollywood thriller. new york spared from disaster in the nick of time. new details on how the suspected boston bombers were reportedly planning to attack times square this last week. as new yorkers shutter at the thought at what could have been, brian ross uncovers the alleged deadly plan gone awry mere hours before detonation. >> juju, what the new york mayor and police commissioner said thursday, dmork just missed being attacked by the accused boston bombers they arnt payly sought to maim and kill again. >> the fact is is new york city remains a prime target for those who hate america and want to kill americans. >> and no target seems more attractive than times square. the survivin
she's been through, first lady, secretary of state, senator from new york. all the way back to arkansas and the long history she had with her husband there. and then go almost replicating that going forward. this is an astounding leap of faith she's going to have to sma make it seems, no matter what anybody else says. >> to be thinking about the answers to those questions as we are talking about the legacy of george w. bush, you know, as president bush himself said no president wants to rush to war. he didn't want to be a war-time president. i think it really draws into sharp focus the challenges of the presidency. and the challenges of maintaining a legacy. bill clinton was up there and you got a sense that he might end up up speaking longer than george w. bush. this guy loves returning to the national spotlight. but hillary is a different person quite obviously and she's a different kind of political animal and i think there were probably a lot of lessons, at least thought about, if not learned today. i thought it was phenomenal that we heard the word "awesome" more than w
for the deadly attack. we go live to boston for the very latest. connell: we will head to the new york stock exchange today. cheryl casone is reporting. on markets now, we will keep you up-to-date on all the movements. today, oil is up. stocks and gold rebounded. ♪ everybody has different investment objectives, ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different. ishares core. etf building blocks for your personalized portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our tras go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. all stations come over t this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the mo
. of course, that's the "new york post." today, they ran this cover story showing two men from the marathon crowd under the headline "bag men: feds seek these two pictured at boston marathon." so be on the lookout for these guys. ( laughter ) and while you're on the lookout for these guys, keep in mind, these are not the guys. ( laughter ). turns out, it was these other guys. >> we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect 1 and suspect 2. somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, coworkers or family members of the suspects. >> stephen: you heard him. if you know either of these individuals-- perhaps as friends, perhaps as coworkers, or maybe you went to high school with someone named suspect 1 or suspect 2, go to and speaking of tips, quick tip of the hat to the "new york post" for accusing these two innocent men of a horrible crime because anyone can print accurate information. but the "post" always follows the four ws of journalism, who, whatever, and why wait? ( cheers and applause ) nation, one of the
to the "new york post" for accusing these two innocent men of a horrible crime because anyone can print accurate information. but the "post" always follows the four ws of journalism, who, whatever, and why wait? ( cheers and applause ) nation, one of the problems with doing a show like this with absolutely no help from anyone else is that if i leave, it crumbles. so i can't go out and cover stories from dangerous places like my guest tonight richard engel. besides, what if i get to syria and they don't have my brand of conditioner? ( laughter ) now, i thought about sending out a correspondent, but who could i trust to represent me? and there was one guy from the "daily show." but he's got his own program now. >> and hear he's a bit of a prima donna. ( laughter ) and i would love, love to be out among you, the common folk. the unwashed masses, but i'm so famous now, i can't even go for a walk here in new york city. but then, i remembered, a piece of technology i invented last year while interviewing documentarian errol morris. when you interview people you're not in the room with them. y
and allegations playing out in good old new york city. how much of a primary problem could this corruption create particularly for chris quinn and politicians pay attention. a change of hosts and change of coasts. we'll hear what jay and jimmy have to say about it and what they said last night. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. there's a lot to get to including the latest in north korea. we'll go to seoul to talk to richard engel. off and running. weighed down by the economic crisis, health care hangover, bp oil spill, president obama got going on the 2010 campaign very late. this time around in leadup to 2014, he's doing things a bit differently. in april of 2009, the president wasn't out doing fund-raisers for congressional democrats in april 2013 he can be. after a pair of fundraisers last night, today he'll hit two more in the san francisco bay area for house democrats and dnc fulfilling a promise he made to them to bank early campaign cash for 2014 since the obama campaign didn't provide much cash at all in 2012 for house and senate democrats. he was at the san francisco home of h
of the new york city train station, grand central terminal. the terminal opened on february 2, 1913, and currently accommodates 750,000 people daily. this is about an hour. >> thank you, cindy. thanks to all of you for coming. i was at ed koch's memorial service a couple weeks ago. though clinton walked in carrying papers like this and he said, i just want to assure you all this is not the eulogy. these are just the letters that ed koch sent me while i was president. while i'm happy to say this is not the eulogy either, because we still have grand central terminal, we came very close not to having it but fortunately it was saved and we will talk about that. i'm going to talk all the while and then be happy to try to answer any questions that you might have. when i began this book and met with my colleagues at grand central publishing we came up with the title track 11 -- "grand central: how a train station transformed america" and then i said david? that's a pretty ambitious agenda to have to live up to? and i realized it easily did that. dthe more researched the book te more i real
by new york's mayor and police commissioner suggesting their city was next on the boston bombing suspect's target list. they say the surviving brother has told investigators that the plan was to bomb times square in new york. mary snow is in times square right now with the latest details. what do we know about this alleged plot, mary? >> well, what we know, wolf, is that the mayor of new york city and the city's police commissioner say they were told this information by federal investigators last night. they say this was -- there is no specifics of exactly where in times square would be talked about and they described this plan as being made spontaneously, that it was talked about last thursday night. new york city's police commissioner ray kelley described how this came about and the information that he was told by federal investigators. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev, the terrorist suspect who was captured alive initially told investigators he and his brother decided after the boston bombings that they would go to new york city to party. however, subsequent questioning of zdzhokhar revealed that
the surviving boston bombing suspect. new york city's busy times square was supposed to be their next terror target. plus, the reluctant hero who helped turn the tide and maybe even saved lives. new details on how a carjacking victim's split-second decision foiled the bombing suspects' escape. >>> and a long wait at the airport could finally be over. new this morning, congress putting an end to furloughs in air traffic control towers. there's some good news for you. good morning. welcome to "early start." glad you're with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin in new york. >> and i'm john berman live in boston this morning. it is friday, april 26th, 5:00 a.m. in the east, and this morning i am standing in front of that memorial, zoraida, that beautiful memorial that's been set up here in boston's copley square. there are running sneakers here, there are mementos left behind for all those people lost here in these tragic events nearly two weeks ago now. and as everyone here in boston around the country remembers, investigators are still piecing together their case here, and we begin with a chi
that rent is too damn high. speaking of the mayoral race in new york anthony wiener said by the way i might have done a couple of more tweets. good luck with those. it's like an easter egg hunt with wiener. the boston bombers didn't want to be just the boston bombers. it's possible that they also wanted to go to new york. we found that through interrogations. here is mayor michael bloomberg talking about that. >> last name we were informed by the fbi that the survivor attack attacker said that new york was next on their list of target. they intended to drive to new york and detonate explosives at times square. who is going to. me with this discussion? we have ana kasparian, hermela aregawi, michael hastings and jayar jackson. they said security exception for what is happening imminently. >> public safety. >> cenk: that's the words i'm looking for public safety integration on saturday. second interrogation on sunday and then he said they were going to go to new york to party. and then he said we were going to new york to bomb it. those are two totally different things. somebody made a good
ahead. and a very serious story we're following today. new york mayor michael bloomberg says the suspected boston bombers were headed to times square. more on the investigation ahead. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. yes, it is. [ chainsaw buzzing ] humans. sometimes, life trips us up. sometimes, we trip ourselves up. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions. like multi-policy discounts from liberty mutual insurance. save up to 10% just for combining your auto and home insurance. call liberty mutual insurance at... to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. persona
officials he and his brother had their sights set on attacking times square in new york. >> molly has more of this claim. >> this comes from a new york city press conference in which officials say they believe the boston marathon bombers were head to do times square with a plot to set off the rest of their bombs there. siting information from the fbi say the surviving suspect is talking and telling investigators the plan was to use the explosives they still had the five pipe bombs and the pressure cooker bomb similar to the ones in boston. the suspects were familiar with times square. >> we know that dzhokhar was photographed in times square with friends on or before april 18th of 2012. and that he was in the city again in november of 2012. we don't know if those visits were related in any way to what he described as the before's spontaneous decision to target times square. >>> but the two brothers never made it out of massachusetts. they are accused of car jacking an suv that was low on gas when they stopped for fuel the victim escaped ran for help and a chase with police began ending in
' morning from "the new york post," pushing gun laws in connecticut, meeting with the mother of one of those victims. by the way, many of these family members flying back on air force one last night are here in washington today to lobby members of congress. the story points out -- host: you can also join us online to social media, send us an e-mail,, or on facebook, or send us a tweets at here's the president last night in hartford. [video clip] >> i have to tell you, i have had tough days in the presidency. i have said that before. was the toughest day of my presidency. i have to tell you, if we do not respond to this, that will be a tough day for me as well. because we have to expect more from ourselves. we have to expect more from congress. believe, youo know, every once in a while we set politics aside and just do what is right. [applause] we have got to believe that. host: the president in hartford, conn., again, members of the new town family coming back to washington to lobby the senate, where the bill now begins. we heard yesterday from harry
. hundreds of fast-food workers went on strike in new york city, many walking out for higher wages and in some cases the right to unionize. one in brooklyn was forced to open its doors late to open the strike. twice as many workers participated this time around. you might look at this and say, oh, that's a rally. 400 people. no big deal. let me tell you why this is remarkable. think about this a second. put yourself in the shoes of someone if you're not in the shoes of those already, put yourself in the shoes of someone making minimum wage. for instance, gregory, who participated in the strike and spoke to the "new york times." he is a driver for domino's and has a 3-year-old daughter to support and makes $7.25 an hour. he said it is not possible to support a family, we are surviving. life in new york city at $7.25 an hour is life in a boat with a hole that keeps getting bigger. you cannot make the math work. no amount of hard work makes $7.25 an hour add up to a livable wage. no amount of determination or stoic nobility makes the math work. the math does not work at $7.25 an hour.
. he moved to new york city in 1948, where benny goodman hire him and he became very famous in new york at the time and he died in new york in 2001. one of the pieces of my ticket to ride is how many cubans of irish ancestry are there. because this connected to my family, that's why i wanted to read it to you. in the 40's, my father moved to new york in search of his destiny. he learned to make brillantine in red, blue and golden colors to give a beautiful sheen to the hair. in his spare time, when he could break free from his alchemist's captive vit, he would go listen to cuban music at the park plaza hotel in manhattan. those were happy times and years later became a happy tomic with me, convinced early on that my father inhabited a magic world. a few years ago, while listening to a recording of cuban blues by chico, i remembered in new york in those stories of the 40's that chico and my father met at club cuba in manhattan and again in havana in the mid-50's. the sessions of chico's house in our neighborhood became so famous that even my father, not particularly fond of cuban jazz, c
seemingly everywhere in new york city. extra security for the dodgers game in los angeles in washington in las vegas, atlanta, chicago, no matter where you look, cities and the whole country is on the lookout, here, and there, and we got you covered everywhere. with amy kellogg in a nervous london, and eric in times square, and sheryl outside fortress wall street, and rick leventhal in an anxious boston. we start with rick. >> a number of developments this afternoon, including a boston globe report that investigators found a circuit board believed to have triggered the bombs. they were made with pressure cookers, a style of explosive device found in afghanistan and pakistan. we learned that the saudi national who was tackled running from the scene, whose apartment was searched, has been cleared as a possible suspect, and they have re-opened part of boylston street as the shrink the crime scene and focus their efforts on the bomb site. we know investigators and atf and fbi are documenting every inch of payment, collecting every shred of possible evidence and they're asking for the puck's
in hollywood to learn. >> at now, sam roberts presents a history of the new york city station, grand central terminal. open every second come in 1813 in a company 750 deaths people daily. this is about an hour. [applause] >> thank you, cynthia and all of you for coming. i was at ed koch is in the world series a couple weeks ago when bill clinton walked in carrying sheets of papers like this that i want to assure you love this is not the eulogy. these are just the letters at koch sent me while i was president. i'm happy to say this is not the eulogy either because we still have grand central terminal. he came close not to having it, but fortunately with save doubletalk about that. i'll talk a little wild and be happily answer any questions you might have. when i began this book and that was my colleagues at grand central publishing, came up with the title, "grand central: how a train station transformed america." and then i went home and said that's a pretty ambitious agenda to have to live up to. i've realized that it easily do that. camara researched the book, the more i realize this is a t
industry is alive and thriving. there was a piece in the new york times today saying next year they hope that the membership and runners double at the boston marathon and people show up in droves and cheer twice as loud and send the message that we are sthierl. we are still standing. >> when you talk about a road race, secure ago road race as great as the men and women are that do this how do you secure the road. pedestrians, mag tomorrow t mag, like new year's eve? get rid of the trash cans. finding out if there is anything going on with packages being dropped meanwhile you are just getting up, here's what we do know as details come in. right now you are looking live at downtown boston. >> the working theory right now is 2:50 p.m. they went off. two bombs probably in bags planted in garbage cans during the race detonated perhaps by cell phones. here is a point of view shot running up boyleton. kaboom right there is the first one. we have a graphic on our wide screen over there that shows the first iks employings -- explosion was at 2:50 and about 15 seconds later. many people were runni
legislation? first caller, on new york, on the democrats line. caller: good morning. i've got a quick comment i would like to make about this gun legislation that is going on. in new york state, they have a thing called the new york safe act. ofdeals with the controls how many bullets are put into a cartridge. those are physical controls on a gun. as far as the constitutional to not infringe the second amendment, i do not think this has as much impact on that argument as the actual physical design of a weapon. as people having rights to having firearms, long guns, people that hunt and sportsman, i am seeing an impact for people getting really interested because they do not want to see their rights to have those types orguns in their possession any controls over that. i believe that the constitutional argument is very important to the people, but keep in mind, we have to control what types of weapons are out there on the streets that these so-called nut jobs are using to go after children and people that are out there. it happens all the time. i do not think any legislation really is going to
and the one thing that might have saved new york city from an attack. brian ross is right here tonight. >>> chemical weapons. this evening has syria crossed that line? the stunning new intelligence. what now from the white house? martha raddatz reports. >>> hail to the chief. five american presidents, five first ladies. an emotional george w. bush at his new library. and bill clinton on mr. bush's paintings. >> those bathroom sketches were wonderful -- [ laughter ] >> and tonight diane sawyer and laura bush behind the scenes. the moment that changed it all. >>> and subway surprise. the famous singer about to stun those passengers walking through that door with a performance. you're about to see it too. ♪ >>> good evening on this thursday night. diane is on assignment. we begin with the new shock wave, what authorities believe those boston bombers were planning next. hoping to head to times square in new york. a live reminder tonight of one of the busiest tourists destinations in the world. nearly half a million people passing through the heart of new york every day. investigators say
of not informing people. it has now come out that the police in boston did not inform the police in new york that he was expected to come to new york. and this was his next journey and he basically said that and the police are up in arms in new york for not being informed about something like this. if he had come to new york and there had been another incident -- >> what's the reason they were not told? >> they just didn't tell them. >> they were caught up in the -- >> they were captured by them. >> they were. nevertheless, this was the next stage. who knew how many people were involved in this thing? and one of the things you always do, the one department should have informed the police in new york and they were up in arms over it. and rightly so, as far as i am concerned. >> it's hardly an organized plan. they just decided to do it in the car. then the car didn't have enough gas in it. i mean, that -- the question -- excuse me -- the two bombersk had no exit man at automatic. they thought they have to get rid of these bombs. >> they throw the pressure cooker out of the wind owe of the car
is a little bit. right. >> i have done new york and chicago. >> wow. >> and that is impressive. cooking and running a restaurant is something of a marathon in its own right, isn't it? >> it is. cooking and some good food with running. keeps me in shape to meet as much as we want and that is why i run. i love to run and could be. >> you love to cook, eat and run and that is a great combination. >> how long has 1300 been open? >> we celebrated a five-year anniversary. can you believe that? >> i can't believe that. >> and. >> is like president obama, you know? >> exactly. >> the power comes into your hands and they is bring that distinguished look on. >> david, you won amazing awards the last few years. >> i go back to washington every year. this year, i got to get into the president's, into the white house for the, before they closed it down. so i was honored to get in there. >> oh, what did you do at the white house? >> we got to tour the white house, a little bit of the kitchen and that was fun. >> oh, my goodness. >> and that was up there with getting into buckingham palace. >> i know
cities, including pittsburgh and new york. man: new york city went to philadelphia and said, "you know, we're thinking of developing a hudson river water supply -- what do you suggest we do?" and they said, "we've had "a lot of problems on the schuylkill. "don't go to the hudson river. go to the upland and work by gravity." and that's what new york city did. they first went to the hudson highlands, but 150 years later, it went to the delaware highlands. and really diverted the water that normally went to philadelphia to new york city. i don't think they anticipated that. narrator: the majority of new york city's drinking water comes from watersheds in upstate new york. a watershed is the area of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water. mountains act as a funnel to feed rivers and lakes. and in this case, reservoirs. in the new york city system, water is collected and stored in 19 reservoirs, which can hold more than a year's supply -- over 580 billion gallons of water. almost all of the system is fed by gravity, without the use of energy-consuming p
an attack in new york's times square. justice correspondent pete williams has more for us. >> reporter: investigators say they've been told that while the bombing suspects were fleeing from boston in an suv they carjacked last thursday night they came up with the idea of driving to new york, taking along a half dozen bombs they had with them. >> in the car they made a decision to go to new york with the remaining explosive devices that they had and to detonate it -- detonate one or more in times square. >> reporter: police say one of the men, dzhokhar tsarnaev, had visited times square at least once last year. whatever plans they had came to nothing thursday night when police caught up with them in watertown. this photo shows that suv after the shootout with police. now new questions about whether the interrogation of the surviving suspect was stopped too soon. the chairman of the house intelligence committee has been told that a judge came to the hospital to read dzhokhar his rights before interrogators were done questioning him. >> that's dangerous and concerning especially when the
aviation administration implemented a no-fly zone over portions of boston. new york city police deployed police and strengthened protection around manhattan landmarks including major hotels. law enforcement officials in washington have increased security throughout the capital. they have barred pedestrians from pennsylvania avenue, the street that runs in front of the white house. u.s. president barack obama ordered an immediate investigation. >> earlier today i was briefed by my homeland security. we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> reporter: after 9/11, the government set up the department of homeland security. officials there gather and analyze information in an effort to ward off further attacks. in 2009, security agents found that a man about to board an airplane was hiding a bomb in his clothes. in 2010, investigators found explosives in a car in new york's times square. recently they have been monitoring individuals who engage in political and social protests.
our coverage continues now with all in from chris hayes. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. thank you for joining us tonight. three days after the boston marathon was bombs, we have photos, pictures of two men the fbi suspects in monday's attack. the fbi released these photos hours ago asking for the public's help finding or identifying them. the man authorities are identifying as suspect number one is seen in a dark hat. here's suspect number two in a white hat. this suspect, number two in the white hat is the only one authorities believe they have seen on tape planting an explosive device. they believe the two men were associated. any who knows anything about either of these men is asked to call 1-800-fbi or call they said these men may be extremely dangerous and urging everyone not to take action on their own. joining us is pete williams. this is a big development today. what is the latest? >> it is a big development. the pictures don't show crystal clear view of the faces, of course. there's pictures the fbi has not released. they do be
the nation's governors that there can't grants-in-aid and 45. he went to new york on which became the base of operations for the phrase searching teams who would determine the outcome. especially in the northeast and including philadelphia. also the sisters are pregnant or a race to win a price that no one had announced, the world's diplomats were on their own parallel track, a more deliberative chorus of determining whether the balance of power would lie in europe or in the united states were trying to get an international organization off the ground in dealing with the serious issues of transitioning from war to peace all the while pacific boosters nipping at their heels. there are some serious lessons. the local, national and global identities are formed. it's about the wasted ideas in time and space changes communication technology changes, as transportation to elegy changes, but it's also a great story as the cartoon on the screen suggests that full of drama and surprise in a few comic turns as the boosters are racing to the world stage and is the world diplomats were trying to negoti
" next. i'm erin burnett live in times square where the mayor of new york said today the suspected marathon bombers were headed to stage yet another attack. plus, we have the latest on the investigation. friends of dzhokhar tsarnaev are now being held in federal custody tonight. and the mother of the two alleged bombers, she says the whole thing was staged, there was no attack. the bizarre conspiracy in her own words. let's go "outfront." ♪ >> "outfront" tonight. this was the next target on the boston bomber's hit list. the surviving suspect has told investigators that he and his brother were headed right here to times square in new york city to detonate more explosives before they were stopped. i'll have a lot more on this story from right here in times square. and we have all the other angles of the investigation covered tonight. in boston, drew griffin, david mattingly and brian todd. in rhode island, erin pike. nick robertson with new in fact on the suspect's parents. here's what we know. obviously you get a sense of how loud and busy it is here in times square. sit an incred
in their community. i don't know whether or not that information was quaid, but as somebody who works for new york city, i think i would like to know if the fbi thinks there's sufficient reason to interview somebody who's living in new york city. >> and if a foreign government is also red flagging someone. also when it comes to intelligence-gathering, the most local you can get, the more inside the community, the more efficient the intelligence gathering. >>> coming up, the president's controversial program of targeting overseas finally gets time in the capitol hill spotlight, except nobody from the white house showed up. we'll discuss the game of drones, just ahead. i think ford service is great, but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly wi
with anthrax were sent to addresses in washington, new york, florida. five died from exposure to the poison. those letters were sent to a couple of u.s. senators and a few national news outlets. the lead suspect in that case committed suicide. in 2003, police in england busted a group of suspected terrorists that claimed they were making ricin. that was a case colin powell referred to as part of justification for war in iraq. and to show you how deadly this stuff is, a man nearly died after exposure to ricin in a las vegas hotel room. a man was later arrested for making the stuff. >>> turning to the boston bombing investigation, investigators spent another day at this landfill, near dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room is and he was spotted after the bombings. earlier this week, cnn learned they were there scouring for receipts at the landfill. this time looking for his laptop. meantime, tsarnaev is in a federal prison camp, after a week spent at the hospital as many of the victims he was accused of moving. he was moved to a facility that holds detainees that need medical care. law enforcement off
liz: flight delays courtesy of government spending cuts. new york, fidel for an orlando all feeling the pinch. it's only going to get worse and how will that affect the business of air travel? caterpillar looking more like a slug. heavy equipment maker reported big earnings miss. looking for the bright spot in the u.s. economy as the stock falls 20 plus percent over the last year. we will battle out if this stock should even be in your portfolio. billionaires, maybe news corp. ceo and berkshire hathaway warren buffett are onto something. as to more billionaires start reading in on investing in newspapers. "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. ♪ liz: 82 years old and can still throw a newspaper like he was a kid. that's mean, everybody, i am liz claman. we need you to focus on the s&p 500 because today it is all about setting new highs, not lower. after the market first week in a year, a new day today, look at what is powering us higher. they're all rich and not 52-week highs, but all-time highs. 60 stocks in the s&p 500 hitting new highs today. 13 of them happen to be
were talking about your incident that happened in webster, new york. >> that's right. >> i don't really see a lot of similarities between this. you know, we heard david talk about this house and public records being in foreclosure. we heard initial radio communication with the firefighters inside with their communications division talking about having wanting the utilities restored. so that makes sense to me. that maybe that is -- you know, one of the things that has driven this man to do this. but we don't know what else has been going on in this person's life. and that's what the firefighters, that's what the county investigators are going to try to determine when they made contact with this person inside the house. >> we're going to keep monitoring this situation as low asly and hope for a safe revolution in the next few minutes. that's all we can hope for. they'll be checking back with us and david mattingly will be there. we'll go back to this as we watch it carefully. >>> we're also talking about the tensions going on with north korea tonight which are escal e escalati escalating
here in new york city. 1,000 extra officers patrolling major landmarks here in new york city, including the new york stock exchange. cheryl caseone is outside the fox -- rather, she's with the fox business network. she's outside the stock exchange. cheryl. >> good morning. since 2001 september there have been 16 known terror plots against the city of new york. once again this morning new yorkers are waking up on high alert. mayor bloomberg coming out yesterday talking to new yorkers and saying while there is no known threat against the city right now, he is sending out 1,000 counterterrorism officers throughout the city today. major landmarks, strategic locations like the new york stock exchange, those are going to be under the careful eye of new york city officers and federal officials in lower manhattan. back in 2006 one of those known terror plots was against major financial institutions here in new york city, the prudential building in newark, new jersey and of course the new york stock exchange. new york is very familiar and getting very used to being the target of terrorists. what
on parts of a toy car for detonation, an official with the new york police department testifying that the bombs were in fact very sophisticated. >> these are not crude bombs. these are very effective small bombs. i think people -- i shouldn't use the term its crude device or something of that nature. >> reporter: lawmakers briefed on the investigation tell fox news that the bombs most likely required formal hands-on training and could not have been built by a al-qaeda manual. one avenue is whether they were triggered by a cellphone app a new generation of american terrorists. >> it's a situation where we are now facing more what europe has faced with an alienation of part of the immigrant population, self-radicalization. that is a different challenge than those that are trained overseas or receive material support overseas and come here to attack us. >> reporter: the official fox news the c.i.a. was contacted by russian counterparts and presented with virtually the same information. the f.b.i. was given six months earlier that the russians believed that tamerlan tsarnaev was a fo
and i are both standing, was new york next or was a deadly sequel to the marathon bombing already planned for people in boston? it is a very open question. top officials now weighing in on both sides, starting this afternoon with this press conference. >> last night we were informed by the fbi that the surviving attacker revealed that new york city was next on their list of targets. he told the fbi apparently that he and his brother had intended to drive to new york and detonate additional explosives in times square. >> new york was next. the suspect reportedly said so in a second round of questioning with interrogators. he says that's where he and his brother were heading, not to party like he said in the first interrogation but to use their remaining explosives where they would do the most carnage. that's one view and apparently shared by police commissioner ray kelly. the other comes from house committee chairman republican mike rogers. here's what he said. >> what we know happened is that we do believe they had a plan for another attack. they had actually built the devices and
-- the reactionary new york post plated from the prosecutor's point of view. this was a big mistake. they became the house organ for the police and the prosecutors over the next years. because it represents a gross failure on the part of all of us involved in the media, everyone --se made relatively silent. remained relatively silent. the reactionary forces defined the narrator -- narrative for the next 10 years. the following year, 2003, the five launched a civil suit against the city of new york. the city of new york has nearly $1 billion to pay for such suits. they are settled out of court more often than not. when they go to truck, things happen within a reasonable amount of time. --when they go to trial, things happen within a reasonable amount of time. things have not taken place yet after 10 years. the five and the families have requested mountains of material has been requested mountains of material, which they cannot possibly reduce.-- produce. this is, you know, first, the language in the press is the language of jim crow america and not the progressive america at the end of the 20th c
to the arrest of this guy. he was going to do it in new york instead. on the subway. again, his plan was hydrogen peroxide. they're associated with different groups, taught by specific means and being able to get specific at the type of bomb used both gives investigators something to look for in terms of looking for how and when that bomb was made, but it also gives them an investigatory thread to pull in terms of the bombs authorship, how the bomber might have learned to make that bomb or who the bomber might have learned it from. sometimes, it works that way. and sometimes, that is the way they stop plots ahead of time. sometimes, that is the way they find the bombers there after. but we learned today from investigators in boston that bombs detonated yesterday were bombs that had a signature, that is the kind that might be much harder to read. >> what we're told by authorities is that they are crudely made. they appear to have been assembled inside a pressure cooker, nd inside a pot like this. assembled the device. it includes a low power explosive. >> now, we have a little bit of
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